Vasuda Arora

Mumbai, India

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 Vasuda and her facilitation of access consciousness bars classes plus other modules have been one of the most joyful contributions to my life. I would gladly recommend any of her classes / workshop to others. 

 Right from consideration to warmth to humour to linguistic ease; I would not be able to point one area which makes me recommend her course as a conductor. It's rather the results in my approach and mindset that I sense and utilise on daily basis which I am grateful for and acknowledge. 

Praful Baweja

Wow! Was the expression and the experience I got from Vasuda, should I say indeed a change facilitator in the true sense, for my little one who was going through fears of rain and anything related to it.
I was just so worried about her mental state not knowing how to handle the situation. I got know about Vasuda from fb page. Thank God for it! After a session of Access Bars, I am so relieved now, my daughter doesn't even think about it and all her fears have subsided.
Thanks a lot Vasuda for such wonderful session that we had.

Radha Raghuram

Was lucky to get access bars session for both my kids courtesy-Vasuda.

She built a great rapport with the kids, never was it boring and my elder one follows all the statements Vasuda has given him for certain situations. Be blessed.


Thank you for the Access Body process that you gave me at the Mystic Lotus healing festival. I had been living with the plantar fasciitis heel pain for over a year accepting the general knowledge that it can only be alleviated by gel pads and lifestyle changes and not really treated. However, my brief session of the Access Body Processes with you has made the pain disappear. What started out as a tentative trial worked out very well.


I had the fabulous opportunity of getting an Access Bars session with Vasuda.

Before the session, she asked if I wanted to focus on something or keep it generic. I requested a general clearing session but told her about this pain in my lower back.

During the session, we spoke a lot of generic stuff and a lot of laughs. The session was fun.

But the best parts of the session were (a) a feeling of lightness - like the stress from my life has vanished; (b) the pain in the back disappeared the moment I got up after the session - Thank you so much for that Vasuda; (c) new opportunities have opened up - converted some clients and got a couple of job offers; (d) overall sense of well-being and clarity and new energies to take my work to the next level. Thank you for all the wonderful things Vasuda. 

Amrish Arjun

I met Vasuda last year when I was going through one of my most difficult phases of life. She is very patient and a wonderful therapist who helped me overcome my emotional troubles and helped me realise so many things about myself. She helped me discover myself and helped me get clarity on so many of my emotional issues. 

She has a lovely smile. She is very energetic and wonderful. Vasuda is an amazing person. She is simple and down to earth, which really helped me in building trust and faith on her. 

She is a wonderful therapist and her methods worked wonders for me. Thank you Vasuda for helping me in my most difficult times last year.

Shubha Karra

For someone to be your therapist, you need to have complete trust on that person. Vasuda is truly that therapist, whom I can trust upon and share my dilemmas and things that are bothering me. I have taken a few sessions from her. It was a great experience and I felt improvements/shifts in my deep rooted disbeliefs.  

Thanks a lot Vasuda!!!!!


I’ve had very many sessions with Vasuda in last 3 years and am truly grateful to her for introducing me to Access and bringing so much ease and joy in my life!!

Vasuda is really present, aware, sensitive and potent and every session I’ve had has brought about major shifts - shifts with emotions, ease with money/ body/ relationships, changing lot of my fixed POVs and the list goes on.

Recently I had a couple of SOP sessions with her and they were magical - it seemed like a gentle lovely massage, I could feel my body go from super stiff to completely loosening up and the session overall created a sense of space and peace in my body, all in 20mins!


Vasuda is very helpful as a healer. She is very astute and generous. But one quality that stands out is her ability to be straight and not mince words, which is extremely important as many times, we are even though somewhat ready to be healed, want to be denial about other related issues.

Her clearings about money have always hit a mark. And each time I have had Bars run by her, I have seen spectacular expansion in my finances as well as ease in manifesting all that I want. 
I take this opportunity to state my gratitude and also hope to have many more life changing sessions in future.