Vasuda Arora

Mumbai, India

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Choose Ease, Create Joy, Invite Glory


Create the Life you Desire

Access Consciousness tools and processes work for anyone and everyone. Those who wish to add more to their life and go beyond the mundane ordinary survival we call living. Those who wish to stop judging themselves and live life on their own terms. Those dealing with abuse, trauma, PTSD, mental illness, learning challenges. Those who have work stress, relationship issues and financial troubles. Those with dis-eases and physical health conditions. Also for those who have no problems but wish to create more of what they already have. Children, adolescents, adults are all welcome.

In a safe, non-judgemental space, let us work together and explore what else is possible that you haven't considered yet. Take back your power and know that unlimited choices are available always to change anything you are willing to change. 

There are the Access Bars, Body Processes, Symphony sessions, the Clearing Statement, Verbal Tools and Questions that nurture and honour, the body and the being. They go beyond labels, diagnosis wrongness and problems. They can begin the process of Accessing the YOU, that you may have forgotten or given up on.

Are you game to give it a go and choose greater for YOU?


Become Your Own Facilitator

I facilitate different Certified Access Consciousness classes that empower you to add more to every area of your life. Additionally you could use the tools and processes that you learn on your family and friends. You could also add them to your existing profession if it involves working with people's well-being, health and fitness, as a certified practitioner.


Access Bars

Body Process Class

Introduction To Your Body

Access Energetic Facelift

The Foundation


Access Bookclub

Divorceless Relationships

How Much Are You Willing To Receive

Stepping Into Being You

Clarity Night

How Different Are You Willing To be

How To become Money Workbook


Awareness Sessions and Workshops

I love facilitating groups of students, teachers, parents, young adults on these topics: 

  • Child Sexual Abuse

  • Parenting with Ease

  • Ease with Studies and School

  • Teaching with Joy

  • Empower Yourself with Tools to live a wholesome life

And any other topics to empower them to be more and create more ease and joy in their lives.