Embrace your 'CRAZY'

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

The world we live in, is so invested in uniformity, normality and commonality that anything or anyone that is different or not the norm is considered crazy. How many of us have spent our lives trying hard and even succeeding fitting in? Don’t be too loud, too meek, too aggressive, too soft-hearted, too happy, too weird, too different.

The career we choose, our sexual orientation, our sex lives, the person we marry, how we marry and whether we marry at all, how we raise children, how we dress, how we behave and appear and carry ourselves- there is an unwritten rule book, we must follow and consider, lest we receive judgement.

We are called crazy, selfish, mad when we choose for us. When we question or break rules. When we choose what makes sense to us but is considered senseless. When we move away from the socially acceptable norms.

  • A boy wanting to grow his hair long.

  • A student refusing to read or write.

  • A man staying home to bring up children.

  • A married couple deciding to not have a child.

  • A couple ending a dead marriage.

  • A man falling in love with a man.

  • A child belonging to a family of academicians, joining films.

  • A woman marrying outside her religion.

  • A person deciding to have multiple partners.

  • An employee leaving a well-paying job because it is no longer fun

  • Parents unschooling their child.

  • Someone giving up a great growing career to follow some unfulfilled passion.

  • A person deciding to stop practicing religion.

  • A professional not behaving like a know-all expert with all answers.

The hilarious thing is that we are all encouraged since early childhood to be outstanding and yet discouraged and even admonished if we stand out!

What if you dared to be all that you be? You would face criticism, opposition and may even have to lose some relationships. But imagine the sense of liberation, expansiveness and lightness it would create! It may not be easy but wouldn’t it create ease in your life? Not having to overthink what will people say, how they will react?

What if you made choices that work for you and add joy to your life? Would it be so terrible to live life on your own terms, doing and being what makes you alive and happy?

Embrace your crazy

Stand out

Unbox yourselves

Be too much

Enjoy the difference you be.

The world will adjust. And even when it doesn’t you would have lived your live fully, with no regrets and unfulfilled desires.

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