Vasuda Arora

Mumbai, India

©Vasuda Arora2019


I always wanted to work with people and let them know that no matter what our current circumstances may be, we are always stronger and can go beyond it. This led me to do Masters in Psychology and Social Work, one after another and then work in the NGO sector for a while. My work took me to interact with women inmates in prisons, women in sex trade, women and children affected by Tsunami, people of refugee camps in Sierra Leone, children in orphanages, people in slums. Amidst all the suffering, pain, cruelty, violence and abuse, there were always inspiring stories of incredible courage and hope.  However, I always felt I could not really make a difference and be a catalyst of change in any significant way.

A lot of disillusionment and frustration led me to explore alternate healing methods that were energy based, which were different from the conventional approach and contributed to me personally and brought about shifts and relief to the people I facilitated. Yet the approach remained limited to the paradigm of solving problems, finding a cure and being the expert! While I was grateful to have discovered them, my search continued for something more empowering, something that anyone could learn and use. Many certifications, workshops, classes later I found Access Consciousness in January 2013.

It was only once I discovered Access Consciousness that I finally found what I was looking for, what I didn't even know was possible, at least cognitively !

While I ticked all the right boxes of how a good life is supposed to be, there was always an accompanied feeling of being average, which led me to doubt me no matter what I accomplished in the eyes of others. I continued to look at other people for answers, while believing firmly that there is something being inherently wrong with me. As I learnt different modalities to become a better and effective therapist, used them all to fix me as well. 

Exploring the ever evolving world of Access Consciousness through tele-calls, classes, books, and facilitation sessions I finally got that we are not broken and nothing needs to be fixed. I am the creator of my life, and I always have a choice as well as the resources to change things I don't like. I am finally done judging me and making other people's judgements real and powerful enough to stop me. The less I judge me, the more I tap into my knowing. The more I choose ease and joy, the more I am able to go beyond what I define as problems to be solved. I am giving myself the permission to discover and BE more of me than I ever did. The me I was afraid to show and be.