Vasuda Arora

Mumbai, India

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You Can Be Anything, Be Everything You Be

Have you spent your life making you wrong and trying hard to get it right? Wanting to fit in, while knowing you are too different to fit in? Judging yourself, your body, your choices? Making other people and their opinions and views greater than you? Giving up what works for you, in order to make others happy and fulfil their expectations of you? Deciding life is a struggle and problems are a part and parcel of life? That some things are just unchangeable, no matter what you do? Does this resonate with you and yet you know there is something more possible?

Is it now time to choose you and and choose what works for you? Beyond what people expect and demand of you, beyond the fear of disappointing others and receiving judgements? 

If your answer is yes, explore the ever evolving, life-changing and expansive world of Access Consciousness. I love to facilitate people using Access Consciousness tools and see magic unfold as they discover themselves and be all that they are capable of but may not know yet. I won't give you answers and quick fix solutions. I will empower you to ask questions and know what you have always known but not fully acknowledged yet. Let us explore greater possibilities in all areas of your life together. Using simple and powerful tools and techniques, let us go beyond all that limits you, keeps you unfulfilled, desiring for more, something else, something different. There is no age or stage in life too soon or too late to start anew.

Visit to read about Access Consciousness. Book an online or in-person session if you are willing to be everything you be.